Kim Davis’ Lawyer Says a Host on The View Called For Davis To Be Killed September 16, 2015

Kim Davis’ Lawyer Says a Host on The View Called For Davis To Be Killed

Mat Staver, the lawyer for Kim Davis who’s doing his best to prolong his time in the media spotlight, said on Liberty Counsel’s “Faith and Freedom” show today that Davis needs prayers because she’s received a lot of death threats.

Obviously, anyone who does that deserves total condemnation.

But Staver specifically pointed to a threat made on a popular TV show:

I would encourage you to pray for Kim Davis. Pray for her family, pray for those that work with her, pray for Liberty Counsel. Kim has received just horrible death threats, even from The View, amazingly. They called her a monster on national television. One of them said that someone ought to go kill her. This is on a major network. That was on The View on ABC. I mean, that was astounding, that kind of language was happening on a major TV network.

A host of The View said Davis should be killed?


No one can seem to find evidence of that happening, and you’d think a death threat made on a daytime talk show would get at least a bit of national media attention.

Kyle Mantyla of Right Wing Watch writes:

We have no idea what Staver is talking about. While we can find plenty of articles reporting the “monster” comment, we haven’t been able to find a single thing that supports Staver’s claim that one of the hosts of “The View” called for Davis to be killed

If there’s evidence, we haven’t seen it. If Staver is wrong, he hasn’t apologized.

Maybe David Barton just whispered the tip in Staver’s ear.

Give it a few minutes and I’ll probably update this post with an article by Todd Starnes calling for a boycott of the show.

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