God Who Caused Coach’s Heart Attack Praised for Saving Him September 15, 2015

God Who Caused Coach’s Heart Attack Praised for Saving Him

On Saturday night, after some youth football games at Northview High School in Florida, one of the coaches fell to the ground in “full cardiac arrest.” Scary situation. Thankfully, there were people on the scene who could take immediate action:

Husband and wife medics, a doctor and other football fans trained in CPR rushed to the field, literally taking turns performing chest compression on the beloved coach. There was no AED and no advanced life support immediately available on the field. Fire and EMS arrived on scene several minutes later.

You’ll be glad to know the coach made it through and he’s currently in stable condition.

So we can thank all those people who performed CPR and the medical staff who came to his rescue, right?

Of course not. They had nothing to do with this.

“In the middle of all the chaos everyone prayed together with Brother Ted as he lead us over the PA system,” witness Crystal Godwin said. “There was no lines of division between race, team or family, we were all as one and the Holy Spirit could be felt moving through the stadium.”

Karen Jay and her husband Frank, owners of Atmore Ambulance, were off-duty and among those at the game that performed CPR on the coach.

“It truly was a miracle along with CPR that saved him,” Karen Jay said as she encouraged everyone to learn CPR. “But the Lord’s hand was on him. A whole lot of people witnessed a miracle.”

The Lord who gave the coach a heart attack is the same one getting praised for saving his life. #ChristianLogic

There was no miracle. Just some regular people who were trained to respond appropriately in those situations. They — and only they — deserve the credit for saving the coach’s life.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to David for the link)

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