A Vampire Movie… with a Secular Theme September 15, 2015

A Vampire Movie… with a Secular Theme

The Gospel According to Stephenson is a vampire film that doubles as a battle between religion and atheism:

The basic story concerns the appearance of what appears to be a supernatural being in our modern society — Stephenson — and how the worldview of the people he comes in contact with colors their perception of him.

Those with a supernatural worldview — “The Believers” — see him as an evil being needing to be stopped in the name of God and morality. Those with a naturalistic world view — “The Skeptics” — see vampirism as a disease that needs to be understood, and if necessary, cured. The Believers call in armies of Christians armed with crosses, wooden stakes and holy water. The Skeptics call in reason and science in the form of the CDC.

You can catch a glimpse of the film here:

If that’s any indication of what the final product will look like, more power to them. It looks amazing. I just hope the script and storyline match the production value.

The filmmakers need help to make this a full-length movie and they’re going the crowdfunding route. Check out the page and consider sending them whatever support you can. Rarely have I seen a fundraising campaign this put together.

There are some crowdfunders who wait for the money to come in before they decide how they’re going to proceed. John Schuermann, the writer and director of this film, knows exactly what he wants to do; he just needs to funding to do it. I’m chipping in.

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