The United Church of Bacon Has Tripled in Membership… Whatever That Means September 14, 2015

The United Church of Bacon Has Tripled in Membership… Whatever That Means

I’ve had my disagreements with the United Church of Bacon, but I generally find parody religions amusing. (See: Oliver, John.)

What I don’t understand are the media reports that are touting “membership” in the church at 12,000 and counting — tripling in the span of a few months.

Here’s the story in the UK Mirror (a tabloid, I know):

Meat-lovers are flocking to the United Church of Bacon to confess their love for the meat treat after founders offered weddings, funerals and baptisms.

Membership has trebled in just three months and now over 12,000 are signed up to follow prophets who spread the word of the ‘bacon God’.

I’m assuming (but don’t know for sure) that they just got a press release or email from the UCB saying something to that extent. But what does that even mean? Membership has tripled and it’s now up to 12,000?

Here’s how you become a member of the United Church of Bacon. You give them your name and email address and… that’s it. You don’t have to pay any dues or go to meetings. In other words, the story is that they grew their mailing list.

Again, this is not a complaint about the UCB. They didn’t do anything wrong. Go ahead and become a “member.”

I’m just frustrated with a non-story masquerading as some sort of big deal because it’ll inevitably spread, unchecked, as if there’s something big happening.

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