Ken Ham: If Evolution Says Humans Are Animals, Why Bother Worrying About Climate Change? September 14, 2015

Ken Ham: If Evolution Says Humans Are Animals, Why Bother Worrying About Climate Change?

Creationist Ken Ham is known for his evolution denial… he’s less well known for his climate change conspiracy theories.

In short, he doesn’t believe humans contribute to climate change because the Bible says so.


Last year, he explained those reasons:

Starting from the Bible, we know that there was a global Flood a few thousand years ago that completely changed Earth’s surface and climate, and that the earth is still settling down from this catastrophe. So we should expect there to be some variations in climate change, but this is not alarming and is not the direct result of modern human activity.

It’s not alarming, Ham says, because the Earth is so young. But what if — and I’m just throwing this out there — the Earth was a little bit older?

If you accept the man-made idea that the Earth is millions of years old and that the ice cores in Antarctica and Greenland preserve a supposed record of hundreds of thousands of years of climate patterns, then modern trends in climate change are startling and seemingly caused by human activity. But the Bible records the true history of the Earth. Our world is not millions of years old but only a few thousand years old, and it was affected by a catastrophic global Flood and the subsequent Ice Age. Our climate was designed by an all-wise and all-knowing Designer, and He has promised that our seasons will continue…

Makes you feel much better, doesn’t it.

Basically, if you accept modern science, you should absolutely be horrified by climate change. But rest assured, says Ham, that the Earth is younger than some ancient stone tools. Therefore, everything is okay.

His latest foray into climate ignorance comes in a review of Bill Nye‘s not-yet-released book:

If you start with man’s idea that climates have existed for millions of years and have remained stable since the last ice age, over 10,000 years ago, then a change in the climate is cause for concern and is likely man-made. But since we start with the true history provided in God’s Word we get an entirely different view of climate change.

Originally, the climate was created perfect, but sin changed everything…, and we no longer have a perfect climate. During the global Flood of Noah’s day about 4,350 years ago the climate was radically changed when the surface of the Earth was reshaped by the Flood. The Flood was followed by an Ice Age, which further changed our climate, and climates have gone up and down since. Fluctuations can happen quite quickly and are not cause for grave concern in regard to man’s supposed impact as Bill Nye claims. So when you start with God’s Word, you have an entirely different worldview through which to view climate change and therefore you reach entirely different conclusions about the nature and severity of it. It is true that Bill Nye’s religion of evolutionary naturalism causes him to wrongly interpret climate change. So, in essence, Bill Nye’s new book is indeed a religious book!

Bill Nye’s book is religious because he relies on “facts” and “evidence.”

Ham, on the other hand, bases his life on a mountain of delusions and that’s why global warming is just God hugging us closer.

Also: Ham says those of us who accept evolution shouldn’t even care about climate change:

if we are just animals, as evolution teaches, then why should we even care for the environment? Other animals don’t worry about protecting other species or the environment, so why should we?

He’s got us there. Excuse me while I go hurl some feces at the wall.

I’m not just mocking Ham’s delusions, by the way. This is a clear example of how his science illiteracy has serious ramifications. If other people believed as he did — and a lot of Republican politicians do — then climate change wouldn’t even need to be discussed. It’s just a hoax to people like him.

That’s why it’s so important to push back again people like him. You can’t ignore his bullshit when so many Christians are gullible enough to believe it.

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