Christian Transit Employee Who Refused to Drive Rainbow-Colored Bus Fired for Lying to the Press September 12, 2015

Christian Transit Employee Who Refused to Drive Rainbow-Colored Bus Fired for Lying to the Press

A couple of weeks ago, we posted about a Calgary bus driver who said he’d rather lose his job that drive a bus with rainbow colors on it (in honor of the annual Calgary Pride Festival).

That driver, Jesse Rau, is a Christian who says he doesn’t support homosexuality.

Well, he won’t have to make that decision now because it’s already been made for him.

Rau was fired on Thursday. Not because of his bigotry, but because he’s a lying liar:

Rau received a termination of employment letter from the City of Calgary on Thursday for breaching code of conduct and the city’s media relations policy.

The letter states: “To be clear you are entitled to your religious beliefs and to express them freely. However, you went beyond that and made false and misleading comments during various media interviews, which resulted in undue controversy and put the reputation of the city at risk.

The city said there were two other conduct breaches, including that Rau “repeatedly suggested” the city would make him drive the bus and he would be fired if he refused.

Rau says he was told any bus driver might have to drive the bus, but the city said Rau had been “specifically” told he would not be assigned to the route.

Other reasons for dismissal cite the fact that Rau also made “serious” allegations that people in position of power were out to “sabotage” him and he used social media to post Nazi-related content and identified himself as a Calgary Transit employee.

To the Kim Davis fans out there, this isn’t bigotry against Christians. This is a business firing an employee who unfairly maligned them in the media. They had already made an accommodation for him to avoid rainbow-colored buses, but it wasn’t enough. He wanted to be a martyr for the cause.

Conservative Christians: They can’t handle rainbow buses, but they love books that include technicolor dreamcoats.

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