Southern Baptist Pastor Admits the Kim Davis Controversy Has Nothing to Do with Christian Persecution September 11, 2015

Southern Baptist Pastor Admits the Kim Davis Controversy Has Nothing to Do with Christian Persecution

With all the conservative Christians jumping on the Kim Davis bandwagon, defending a government official who broke the law and prevented people from obtaining the marriage licenses they are entitled to have, you might wonder if anyone on that side of the fence understands why this isn’t about “religious freedom.”

Believe it or not, it’s a Southern Baptist leader who’s finally talking sense.

Russell Williams, the pastor at mccormickroad church in Florida, posted a note on Facebook that going’s viral for all the right reasons:

First: This is not a case of the government forcing anyone to violate their religious belief. She is free to quit her job. If she quits her job to honor God surely God would take care of her.

Second: This is not a case of someone trying to uphold the sanctity of marriage. If she wanted to uphold the sanctity of marriage she should not have been married four different times. If she is worried about her name being affixed to a marriage license that goes against a biblical definition of marriage, she should not have her name on the last three marriage licenses given to her.

This is why we are losing.
This is why people have such disdain for evangelicals.
Not because we disagree but because we don’t take the bible seriously. If ever there was a case of “he who is without sin cast the first stone”, this is it. If ever there was a “take the log out of your eye” moment, this is it.

Gotta love a Christian who calls out bullshit in his own camp.

To be fair, Williams’ response is by no means perfect.

Davis has said she didn’t become a Christian until she after she got married for the fourth time. So her laissez faire approach to marriage wasn’t technically hypocritical.

Williams also says that people who care about the “sanctity of marriage” should stop watching porn and stop getting divorced. Watching porn is hardly a problem and there are times when divorce really is the best option, even for people who cherish marriage.

But perhaps people are letting that slide because the bulk of his response was a relief to read. Finally, a conservative Christian who understands this isn’t about anyone oppressing Davis and her faith. It’d be nice to see even more church leaders saying these things.

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