Kim Davis Says She’s a Victim of Her Own Free Speech September 11, 2015

Kim Davis Says She’s a Victim of Her Own Free Speech

Kim Davis makes little sense. She threw a fit after being asked to do the job she was elected to do. She decided to go to jail instead of doing her job. She tried to prevent other people from doing her job.

Her latest move? Filing a complaint against the governor because she’s been harmed… by her own free speech.

Today, Kim Davis’ attorneys filed a motion opposing the governor’s request to toss the case out.

Its contents are beyond the pale.

Davis claims that the District Judge’s refusal to stay his decision ordering her to issue marriage licenses to all couples regardless of gender has permitted “immediate and irreparable injury to her individual religious liberty and free speech rights.”

She, or her attorneys, also claim Davis is “facing immediate and substantial harm and consequences for exercising her individual constitutional and statutory rights.”

Oh, darlin’. Your understanding of the Constitution is laughable at best.

For starters, just as a Muslim clerk could not deny women a license because of their beliefs, a Christian clerk cannot deny a marriage license for same sex couples. Insisting as much is not a violation of your freedom of religion, but a protection of the freedoms of the massive amount of Americans who do not agree with your beliefs and expect not to be discriminated against by their government.

You stood by your offensive religious beliefs and expressed defiance, and faced the consequences therein. You were mocked and criticized and disparaged by the public based on factual representations of your free expression. Everything I just described is constitutional. You may freely express yourself, but you are not free from the consequences of your speech, especially in the court of public opinion.

But you keep on keepin’ on, Davis. You’re not going to win, but you’re certainly providing a fantastic example of the idiocy prevalent on the Religious Right.

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