Tennessee Store Owner with “No Gays Allowed” Sign on Door is Now Selling Anti-Gay Merchandise September 10, 2015

Tennessee Store Owner with “No Gays Allowed” Sign on Door is Now Selling Anti-Gay Merchandise

You may recall that Jeff Amyx, owner of Amyx Hardware & Roofing Supplies in East Tennessee, posted a signed on his door over the summer saying “No Gays Allowed.” After a lot of backlash, he temporarily changed the sign in hopes he’d come off a tad less dickish… but it looks like he’s back to the old one now.

What’s really sad is how much worse things have gotten ever since. Not only is Amyx selling anti-gay merchandise, they’re flying off the shelves:

He’s selling hats and bumper stickers, at cost, that say “Choose God or Gays.”

“I’m just doing it because people have asked me for it,” said Amyx.

Despite all of the hate mail Amyx has received, the Washburn business owner [has] already sold out of hats and bumper stickers and he’s having more shipped in by the end of the week. He said there’s a possibility he will sell shirts as well.

In other words, Amyx isn’t a lone bigot. He’s a bigot who stands on the shoulders of other bigots.

If only there was a reason he hated gay people so much…

“God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve,” said Amyx.

Right. Gay people don’t deserve dignity because Amyx knows how to rhyme.

I don’t understand how he’s still in business. How much of an asshole do his customers have to be to continue supporting this guy?

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