Knoxville (IA) City Council Will Privatize Land So Display with Christian Cross Can Stay Put September 10, 2015

Knoxville (IA) City Council Will Privatize Land So Display with Christian Cross Can Stay Put

Remember that display of a kneeling soldier, gun in hand, next to a Christian cross, that sits in taxpayer-funded Young’s Park in Knoxville, Iowa?

After Americans United for Separation of Church and State called on the local city council to remove or change the display, people have been freaking out over this “attack” on their illegal promotion of Christianity.

There was a City Council meeting on Tuesday night that featured a lot of supports of the display making their case, but when it came down to it, the elected officials said they had figured out a way to avoid a lawsuit while keeping the display in place:

Ultimately, the council decided to avoid a legal battle and instead look into privatizing the land the memorial is on.

So they’ll sell the parcel of land to, say, a local church, all so the display can remain in place.

Does anyone want to take bets on how much that land will cost? Because whatever it is, I think we could fundraise that amount plus a buck, then put an atheist display in place of the current Christian memorial.

I’d prefer the space remain empty — or keep the kneeling soldier and just get rid of the cross — but if this is the game city officials want to play, I’m happy to jump into the ring with them.

(Image via Imgur. Thanks to Joe for the link)

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