Ohio City Will Combat Heroin Problem with Prayer September 9, 2015

Ohio City Will Combat Heroin Problem with Prayer

If you have a heroin epidemic in your town, how do you solve the problem? Maybe make it a priority for law enforcement officials, or educate younger citizens on the harm of the drug, or create a public service advertisement?

If you’re Tom Palecek, the President of the Wadsworth City Council in Ohio, you skip right over those silly “useful” approaches.

Instead, you jump right to Jesus:

Wadsworth City Council President Tom Palecek announced a prayer meeting will be 7:30 p.m. Sept. 17 at the Wadsworth City Council Chambers.

The purpose of the prayer meeting was “to develop a plan for daily prayer by the community to overcome drug usage in Wadsworth, especially heroin,” Palecek said in a prepared statement.

Prayer is supposed to overcome drug usage?

While Palecek is at it, why not just fire all the cops, too? And the teachers. Hell, he can resign, too! If God can fix all city’s problems, the citizens don’t need anyone on the government payroll.

Religion: Always finding a way to make a bad situation worse.

(Thanks to Rob for the image)

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