Another Bobby Jindal Lie: “If You Disagree with Gay Marriage, They Put You in Jail” September 9, 2015

Another Bobby Jindal Lie: “If You Disagree with Gay Marriage, They Put You in Jail”

We can add Bobby Jindal to the ever-growing list of Republican Presidential candidates who gleefully distort how the law works in order to butter up the base.

Speaking of Kim Davis, Jindal told Iowa talk radio host Simon Conway, incorrectly, that Christians who oppose marriage equality are being sent to jail:

Here’s where we are in our country today: If you disagree with gay marriage, they put you in jail, as you see what happened in Kentucky, and yet if you mishandle national security information, you’re allowed to run for president. It is a crazy, crazy world we live in…

How many times do we have to say this? Davis didn’t go to jail because she opposes gay marriage. She was sent to jail because she’s a government agent who violated the law. She refused to sign marriage licenses for gay couples and told her deputies they were not allowed to do it either. When a judge ordered her to do her job, she said no.

If people who disagreed with gay marriage were sent to jail, the next GOP Primary Debate would have to be held behind bars.

That’s not happening. Because Jindal is a lying liar who lies.

By the way, in 2009, when a Louisiana justice of the peace refused to grant a marriage license to an interracial couple on the basis of his personal beliefs, Jindal said the official had to do his job or he’d lose it. When the official resigned, Jindal called it “long overdue.”

I can’t wait for the debate between 2015 Bobby Jindal and 2009 Bobby Jindal.

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