South African School Calls in Exorcists to Stop Kids from Taking the #CharlieCharlieChallenge September 8, 2015

South African School Calls in Exorcists to Stop Kids from Taking the #CharlieCharlieChallenge

Remember the “Charlie Charlie Challenge,” the “game” that went viral back in May?

It worked like this: You get some paper and make a grid with the words “Yes” and “No.” You then put pencils on the axes, one atop of another, so they balance. Finally, you ask Charlie — a supposedly Mexican demon with a not-very-Mexican name — any question you want.

If the top pencil moves, it means Charlie is answering your question…

For some reason, grown human adults were taking this seriously for a while, but I thought we were generally over this as a people.

That’s not the case in South Africa where one primary school is bringing in local religious leaders to stop the scourge of this evil game:

Prince George Primary’s principal says they decided to call in spiritual help after children “placed spells” on teachers.

Many schools across the Flats have already banned the game and have warned that anyone caught playing it game will be expelled.

The school called in the help of well-known exorcists Moulana Nazeem Salie and pastor Karen Maarman.

The Moulana is the founder of the Spiritual Eye Healing Institute.

Nazeem told the frightened children: “The game you are playing is making deals with the devil and we do not belong to evil, we belong to God.”

Maybe they can send the exorcists back to school to teach them the difference between superstition and reality…

These kids are playing a silly game. They’re doing nothing wrong. Even if they’re aggressively bullying other kids to play the game, the problem has nothing to do with the devil. This is a school that has its priorities out of sync. The exorcists are only making it worse by granting some sort of legitimacy to the game that it doesn’t deserve.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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