Nashville Mayoral Candidate Accused of Not Saying “Under God” During Pledge of Allegiance September 8, 2015

Nashville Mayoral Candidate Accused of Not Saying “Under God” During Pledge of Allegiance

With two days to go before Nashville’s mayoral election, candidate Megan Barry has already faced a nasty smear campaign from her opponent David Fox (below), who approved a radio ad suggesting Barry supports church/state separation (*gasp*) and has it out for Christian groups.

Spoiler: She doesn’t.

Now, Metro Councilman Duane Dominy is getting in on the action as a supporter of Fox.

He put out a radio ad of his own saying that Barry (*double gasp*) doesn’t say the words “Under God” when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Apparently, that’s a bad thing.

Sept. 10, Nashville elects our next mayor. Before we vote, I am compelled to share with you what I have personally witnessed. Right after being sworn in, it was pointed out to me that during the Pledge of Allegiance Megan Barry skips the words, “under God.”

Over years of meetings, civic functions and more, each time I have been in position to see her, I have witnessed the council member skipping the words, “under God.” In eight years, I’ve never discussed religion or faith with Ms. Barry. It’s not my place to judge her level of faith, though her husband has referred to fellow Christians as simple-minded, bigoted, and part of the Jesus-Industrial Complex.

It is important you know what I have witnessed before you vote.

Why is it important?

Dominy is suggesting there’s a level of piousness all candidates need to reach in order to be elected and Barry isn’t sufficiently Christian. It says more about him and his priorities that he’d use her alleged atheism as a black mark against her.

This is the sort of attack politicians make when they can’t criticize an opponent’s policy positions.

It’s lazy. It’s weak. And it’s bigotry against atheists.

Oh, and by the way, it’s not even true:

The Tennessean observed Barry recite the pledge at last month’s council meeting. Barry did, in fact, say “under God,” which audio taken by The Tennessean also supports.

So Dominy is a liar and an asshole. (Guess which party he belongs to?)

“This claim is absolutely ludicrous,” said At-large Councilman Ronnie Steine, a Barry supporter who sat directly next to Barry for the past four years in the council chambers. “I am embarrassed to tell you that we’re in an environment where I have to say this out loud, but yes, Megan Barry says the entire Pledge of Allegiance, including the word ‘God.’

“I’m perhaps the only person who could hear her every single time for four years. Unless, (Dominy) is Superman with super hearing, the claim is absolutely beyond ludicrous.

Barry hasn’t exactly been a champion of atheism during her campaign, but it’s absurd that this sort of attack is being levied against her. Let’s hope Nashville voters pick up on the fact that her opponents can’t find any legitimate reasons to criticize her and show her their support on Thursday.

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