Faith-Healer Adam Miller May Reopen Lawsuit Against YouTuber Who Called Him Out on His Claims September 8, 2015

Faith-Healer Adam Miller May Reopen Lawsuit Against YouTuber Who Called Him Out on His Claims

Remember faith-healer Adam Miller? He’s the guy who claims to be able to cure cancer, spinal injuries, poisoning, and AIDS. When YouTuber Stephanie Guttormson called him out on it last year, Miller sued.

He later dismissed his own motion but left the door open to sue again in the future.

After all that went down, I thought it was the last time we’d hear from him… but it looks like’s he back and has a brand new website.

And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a whole page dedicated to Guttormson and “Battling Evil (Cyber Bullies)”:

Currently Adam Miller has a lawsuit against these “militant atheists”, such as Joel/Stephanie Guttermson [sic]… Adam Miller is intending to reopen the case, because Adam Miller believes this to be a world wide conspiracy to end faith of any kind on the planet. So when a client is seeking help from Adam Miller, please understand that Adam is in a fight against evil with these people… Adam Miller will continue the fight for as long as it takes to have the federal government change the laws on cyber bullies such as these, and jail them wherever they may be in the world.

There’s also this video comparing atheists to Communists:

And this purely spiteful one:

Keep in mind that Adam Miller is mad only because Guttormson called out Adam Miller’s shady tactics. If they search for “Adam Miller” online now, gullible clients might realize he’s bullshitting them.

If Adam Miller can prove his skills, this would all be moot. But Adam Miller hasn’t. Because Adam Miller.

Who’s the cyber bully here? The person trying to expose a scam and protect people from throwing away their money, or the person who uses the threat of a lawsuit to shut down critics?

***Update***: If you’d like to pitch in to help Guttormson defend herself against these charges, you can do so here.

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