Former Pastor Ryan Bell’s Latest Endeavor is “Life After God” September 6, 2015

Former Pastor Ryan Bell’s Latest Endeavor is “Life After God”

In 2014, Ryan Bell, a professor and former pastor of a Seventh-day Adventist church, announced that he would “try on” atheism and “live as if there is no God” for 12 months. At the end of that journey, he announced that he no longer believed in a Higher Power.

What do you do when your online persona is built around an experiment that is long over? (Asks the guy who was known for years as someone who sold his soul on eBay.)

Bell’s answer is to help others who may be traveling a similar journey out of religion.

His new endeavor is called “Life After God.” It includes coaching/consulting services for those who are reassessing their faith as well as a podcast.

Bell writes at the Huffington Post:

Life After God exists to be a safe space for people to ask their questions without ridicule and sort through their metaphysical doubts at a pace that works for them. I and others will be offering coaching, both in groups and one-on-one. We’ll also be doing weekend events and longer retreats around the country over the coming months and years.

His goal, I should mention, isn’t to de-convert anyone, but rather to help them deal with the complexities of working through a new worldview.

Check out the site and you’ll want to subscribe to the podcast. Just hearing the first couple of episodes, it sounds fantastic.

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