Todd Starnes Fuels Christian Persecution Flames by Saying Jails Will Fill Up with the Faithful September 5, 2015

Todd Starnes Fuels Christian Persecution Flames by Saying Jails Will Fill Up with the Faithful

Todd Starnes, who has never met a Christian he couldn’t use to further his persecution complex, said on American Family Radio yesterday that, in the wake of the Kim Davis controversy, Christians will soon be rounded up and put in prison:

My persecution complex is THIS big!

I warned people of faith that this kind of stuff was coming. Now we know that it is here, and this is a very dangerous and very disturbing development. But quite frankly, you know what, we all knew… those of us who read our Bibles, we all knew that there was a time coming in this country where the persecution would happen and it seems as though, at least in the case of Mrs. Davis, that time is right now.

I hope that the folks listening to this program in Kentucky will call their state legislators and their representatives right now and demand that they take action to protect other Christians in the state of Kentucky, otherwise I suspect the jails are gonna start filling up pretty quickly.

Unless every government official in Kentucky is a Christian who refuses to do his or her job, that’s a lie.

Churches will still be in session this Sunday and the bigotry will flow freely. Pastors will not be rounded up. No one is interested in jailing Christians for their beliefs, and that includes Kim Davis.

She was jailed because she refused to do her government job and was found in contempt. Anyone who says her faith was the reason is either ignorant or a liar.

Or, in the case of Starnes, both.

(via Right Wing Watch. Image via Raw Story)

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