Kim Davis Has Made Working at the Rowan County Courthouse a Nightmare September 3, 2015

Kim Davis Has Made Working at the Rowan County Courthouse a Nightmare

As we wait to learn the fate of Rowan County clerk Kim Davis, the government worker who refuses to do the work of the government because she worships a homophobic God, the Kentucky Trial Court Review’s Shannon Ragland has posted some fascinating excerpts from an exclusive interview with County Attorney Cecil Watkins.

Not only did Watkins refuse to defend Davis because of her defiance of the law, here’s what else we learn from him:

First that everyone who works at the courthouse has endured cursing as they enter the building. And it’s not just at her office. Everyone in the courthouse is scared to come to work.

Second that Liberty Counsel will leave Kim Davis high and dry when this charade is over. Watkins thinks the funds they raise off the case should go to Rowan County.

Finally and most importantly he has learned that deputy clerks would issue lawful marriage licenses. They are simply afraid to do so. And if Judge Bunning instructs them to do so… they will.

Davis has put, in the words of Watkins, her employees and everyone in the courthouse in a “terrible position.”

Of course Liberty Counsel has no allegiance to Davis. They’re in this for the free publicity. When Davis loses, who’s going to pay the ACLU’s legal fees? Not Liberty Counsel, I promise you that.

But it’s important to note that Davis is really the only bigot in this story. The deputy clerks in the office have shown none of the faith-based hatred (or hypocrisy) toward gay couples, but they still have to follow her orders. If she’s removed from her position, voluntarily or otherwise, there’s every reason to believe County officials will go back to doing their jobs.

(via Joe. My. God. Image via YouTube)

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