Joshua Feuerstein: Putting Kim Davis in Jail Means the “Christian Holocaust Has Officially Begun” September 3, 2015

Joshua Feuerstein: Putting Kim Davis in Jail Means the “Christian Holocaust Has Officially Begun”

Vertical-video-addict Joshua Feuerstein, last seen showing his children how to fire guns in the backyard, now says the jailing of Kim Davis amounts to a “Christian holocaust“:


The Christian Holocaust has officially begun in America!

I told you a long time ago, ladies and gentlemen, that the LGBT community has one agenda and that is to come after Christians. That has been the agenda all along. They want to put the clamp on Christianity in America, and you either back them and support them or you’re going to jail…

… I challenge you to get there, to Rowan County, and let’s make sure that Kim is let out of jail. It’s not fair that a Christian is persecuted and thrown in jail simply for not endorsing gay marriage.

As usual, Feuerstein is lying to his audience.

It’s not a Holocaust. That’s just insulting. No one’s rounding up Christians and killing them. Shit, no one’s even walking into churches and asking them to change their minds. We’re just asking Christians who work for the government to obey the law.

Kim Davis doesn’t have to “endorse” gay marriage. She just has to do her job and sign marriage licenses. That’s all it’ll take to get her out of jail right now.

We’re not keeping her in there. She’s keeping herself in there.

As for the gay “agenda,” the only thing gays and lesbians have asked for in this entire controversy is the ability to get a marriage license in the county where they pay taxes. Because of Kim Davis, they couldn’t get it. But she’s the real victim here because the people who pay her salary were asking her to (*gasp*) do her job.

The only people more ignorant than Feuerstein on these issues are the people who comment under his videos to agree with his lies.

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