Bill Nye Busts a Move With His New Dance “The Click” September 2, 2015

Bill Nye Busts a Move With His New Dance “The Click”

There’s a new dance called “The Click” and all the cool science nerds are doing it.

Well, at least the coolest science nerd is.

Bill Nye, known to cut a rug or two, debuted his new “50s rockabilly style” jig this week on The CW’s Whose Line is it Anyway alongside Wayne Brady and his lyrical improv.

Well, here’s a little something, here’s the trick.

Click, click. Click, click.

He knows science, take your pick.

Click, click. Click, click.

Oh, how can it be, he can teach you all about velocity. But when he dances his joints go,

Click, click. Click, click. Click, click. It goes click, click. Click, click…

He can teach you about temperature. Oh god, please let his joints endure.

Maybe if his knee didn’t go “click” on Dancing with the Stars, he would have won the trophy.

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