A Christian Pastor’s Advice for Women August 31, 2015

A Christian Pastor’s Advice for Women

Gospel Baptist Church (Florida) Pastor Bill Lytell tells the women-folk in the congregation about their job description:

Now, every one of you are in some form or fashion a manager. You women [who] stay at home and don’t have a secular job are to manage your home…

You manage your home. You’re responsible for buying the groceries, make sure there’s food, make sure the house is kept impeccable. You have a hot meal waiting when your husband gets home, you have the house all cleaned up, laundry all done, dishes all done, baby all fed, squared away, and meet him at the door looking like a [kiss gesture] million bucks.

That’s probably some of the best marriage advice you ever got…

If that’s the best marriage advice you’re getting, you must not be getting much advice. It boils down to: Take care of everything at home, but don’t you dare look imperfect when your husband returns home from his manly job.

Not a surprise coming from this guy. Lytell was last seen on this site explaining how it’s a man’s world, anyway.

(via Stuff Fundies Like)

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