Arizona Public Charter School May Be Sued for Using Government Textbook That Promotes Christianity August 29, 2015

Arizona Public Charter School May Be Sued for Using Government Textbook That Promotes Christianity

Heritage Academy in Mesa, Arizona requires all seniors to take a government/U.S. Constitution class. So you have to wonder why the textbook they’re using promotes Christianity as if it’s an integral part of both.

According to Americans United for Separation of Church and State, this book and the class go far beyond what’s legally allowed:


The government class curriculum is anchored heavily in religion. Students are assigned Proclaim Liberty Throughout all the Land, which teaches that God created everything, is the source of all proper law, intervenes in human affairs and responds to prayer. The book further asserts that America’s democracy cannot survive unless its people accept a “universal religion” reflecting fundamental Christian tenets.

Americans United further notes that students are not merely assigned religious material to read. They are also subjected to religious instruction orally, are required to memorize religious principles, and must complete homework and tests on those principles.

Just look at what was taught in the class:

● A person must be religious to be a true patriot.
● People who do not believe in God are irrational.
● A person must be religious to be a trustworthy witness in court, because someone who does not believe in a divine creator cannot be trusted.
● Religion is necessary for morality.
● Monotheistic religious beliefs should be taught in schools.
● God sank a foreign navy in response to people’s fasting and prayers.

AU sent a letter to the public charter school’s Principal Earl Taylor, Jr. reminding him that this is the third time the group has warned the school about unconstitutional textbooks. Since the school is ignoring the problem, AU is ready to take this to court if Taylor doesn’t get his act together. They want a response in the next two weeks.

Give that Taylor teaches the class in question, he’s probably well aware he’s breaking the law and that’s why he’s ignoring any legal warnings. But in the process of trying to play dumb, he’s making the case against him that much stronger.

(Thanks to Brian for the link. My apologies for initially posting this with the wrong book cover.)

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