Nova Scotia Court Rules Against Preacher Who Gave Out Bible Tracts at Son’s School August 27, 2015

Nova Scotia Court Rules Against Preacher Who Gave Out Bible Tracts at Son’s School

More than five years ago, Sean Bonitto and his son stood outside the Park West School in Clayton Park, Nova Scotia, preaching the Bible and handing out Chick Tracts to children (many of whom were Muslim) telling them they will go to hell if they don’t accept Christ.

The school told him to stop, and Bonitto later sued the District saying this was a violation of his freedom of religious expression.

After a judge dismissed his lawsuit last year, Bonitto appealed the case. And yesterday, thankfully, Nova Scotia’s Court of Appeal agreed with the previous ruling.

One justice even wrote:

Mr. Bonitto’s message is that non-Christians will burn in a sea of flames for eternity. The Board’s witnesses held the view that elementary students, especially non-Christians, hearing this on the steps would entertain an unsettling distraction from their classwork. The message would undermine the “orderly and safe learning environment” and the “positive and inclusive school climate” proclaimed by the preamble to the Education Act. That view makes good sense to me.

Bonitto now owes the Halifax Regional School Board $5,000 in legal fees.

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