This Portrait of Jesus Has No Business in a Kentucky Courthouse August 26, 2015

This Portrait of Jesus Has No Business in a Kentucky Courthouse

It’s bad enough when government buildings put up signs reading “In God We Trust.” But in Kentucky’s Breathitt County Courthouse, there’s just a painting of Jesus that the artist says cannot be removed:

It doesn’t matter that the painting belongs to the people of Breathitt County; it’s still government promotion of Christianity that doesn’t belong there. What does it say about the sort of justice you’ll get if you’re not the “right” religion?

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has been pushing for the portraits removal for about two years because they say the image violates the Establishment Cause of the First Amendment.

The portrait in question features a man kneeling before Jesus with the caption “In your place what would Jesus do.”

[FFRF] is open to legal action if the picture is not removed.

The group’s letter was addressed to Breathitt County Judge Executive John Lester Smith.

Smith says he doesn’t want to comment until he has a chance to talk with the county attorney.

What sort of county attorney is unavailable for two years? Or did Smith just not care until the local media picked up on the story?

Either way, FFRF is doing the County a huge favor by not filing a lawsuit yet. They’ve offered plenty of warning and if they end up suing, the lack of responses will only work against the County.

It’s time for Jesus to go to a church where he belongs.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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