Why is This Principal Praying with Her Students Around a Flagpole Before School? August 25, 2015

Why is This Principal Praying with Her Students Around a Flagpole Before School?

Late last week, at South Bakersfield High School in California, students gathered around the flagpole to pray before the day began. That’s perfectly fine. The problem is that Principal Connie Grumling joined them in the circle, offering her personal endorsement of Christianity while wearing her administrative hat.

And then someone uploaded the picture to Facebook. (That’s the principal in the white top.)

Yesterday, the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to Kern High School District Superintendent Dr. Byron Schaefer explaining the problem:

District staff should be reminded that they cannot plan, promote, or participate in any religious events at KHSD schools, not can they encourage students to put on such events. Any future religious events must be truly student-initiated and student-run. Please inform us in writing of the steps KHSD is taking to remain neutral toward religion and to respect the rights of conscience of its students.

In an ideal situation, the Principal would realize her mistake, the Superintendent would say it won’t happen again, and the whole problem would be put to rest immediately. Let’s hope that’s the case here.

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