Take My Wife, Please! August 21, 2015

Take My Wife, Please!

Just a comic about Judges 19

In case anyone is wondering, this scintillating tale can be found as near as the nightstand in a cheap motel, enshrined in Judges 19:22-29. For brevity’s sake I chose to omit the extra-juicy detail of the farmer offering his virgin daughter and, of course, the wife to the sex-crazed mob in order to save good old Bob’s DMZ from a righteous thrashing. But isn’t that what any good Benjamite would do?

Also, in case you also didn’t know (I didn’t until today) “Bob” and “Laura” are two of the characters from Veggie Tales, the computer-animated series which employs curiously appropriate characters, vegetables, to spread the gospel. Bob’s a tomato and Laura’s a carrot which means, in this case, when Laura gets hacked into pieces it provides all the visual carnage of an episode of The Galloping Gourmet. (Yeah, I know. There goes my “R” rating.)

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