Even Locals Are Mad at California School Board Member Who Ranted Against Gay Marriage at Meeting August 21, 2015

Even Locals Are Mad at California School Board Member Who Ranted Against Gay Marriage at Meeting

When a school board is sued over for illegally praying to Jesus at meetings, you’d think a lot of local Christians would be thrilled about it. They’ll say prayer is good, and any church/state separation group that opposes it is simply trying to persecute Christians.

We rarely see community members speak out against what the board is doing.

But that’s slowly changing in the Chino Valley Unified School District (in California). The Freedom From Religion Foundation has sued the Board for its promotion of religion, but it looks like locals are coming around to FFRF’s side… or at least they’re admitting the Board has crossed a line. Much of that stems from a July meeting when Vice President Andrew Cruz whined about marriage equality, invoked the Confederate Flag, argued that racism was over, complained about California’s recent mandatory vaccination laws… and basically did nothing that would help students.

Remember: This is the school board where 3 of the 5 members belong to the same Christian megachurch. Which is why it’s fascinating to see locals, some of whom go to the same church, lash out against Cruz:

“I thought his rant was unprofessional and that he should apologize,” said Russell Mills, a member of the church who had publicly supported Cruz’s right to pray during past board meetings. “He made a mistake, but I think he’s served his duties well for the school district.”

“That rant was so divisive and inflammatory,” said Nicole Gockel, a parent of three district students. “This is not a Christian versus non-Christian or a conservative versus liberal thing. We want someone to represent all of our kids. He’s not fit to serve our kids.

“I will admit, I voted for Mr. Cruz,” Tyra Weis, a community member, said during last week’s meeting. “My disappointment in him revolves around his decision to spew racist, homophobic and scientifically unproven opinions that are opposed to what this community believes.”

A recall is mostly out of the question and Cruz likely won’t resign. That means the community will just have to wait this one out. But, in the meantime, that likely means losing a costly lawsuit because a majority of the board refuses to acknowledge the difference between a School Board meeting and a church service.

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