Christian Lashes Out Against John Oliver, But Says She’s Too Busy “Casting Out Devils” to Watch His Show August 20, 2015

Christian Lashes Out Against John Oliver, But Says She’s Too Busy “Casting Out Devils” to Watch His Show

Jennifer LeClaire, the senior editor of Charisma, says she had never heard of John Oliver before his recent televangelist segment because she’s too busy performing magic tricks that exist only in her mind:

I suppose that beats HBO…

Call me sheltered, but I don’t waste my time watching junk on television when I could be making intercession, reading the Word, worshipping God, preaching the gospel, healing the sick or casting out devils.

That’s what she does in her spare time?

Can she not cast out devils when the sun is up?

Is she preaching the gospel on Sunday evenings close to midnight?

And if she doesn’t watch junk on television, how come she’s written articles about The View and Impastor just in the past two months alone? And why is she checking out what Miley Cyrus posted on Instagram?

Why not just say, “I’m not a fan”?

Anyway, now she knows about the show and she’s seen the segment. What does she have to say about his critique of prominent Christians who take advantage of their gullible followers to the tune of millions of dollars?

I see the abuses. But I do believe in the concept of seed faith. I do believe God wants us to prosper and be in health even as our soul prospers (3 John 1:2). I do believe in supernatural debt cancellation. And I don’t believe we should mock so-called prosperity preachers, even if we don’t believe they hear from God. Nor do I believe we should insinuate that God is cursing at them, as Oliver did.

This is precisely why Christians like her make me angry. If someone claims to be a Christian, she’s willing to overlook their faults, even when they fleece innocent Christians out of the little money they have. LeClaire says she sees the abuses, but when they’re staring her right in the face, she won’t admit that people like Kenneth and Gloria Copeland did anything wrong.

If she refuses to admit the emperor’s not wearing any clothes, why not give more credit to those of us who aren’t afraid to say so?

She has some advice for her fellow Christians and, I presume, John Oliver:

I exhort you to be discerning. Don’t fall for the financial hype. Be obedient to the Holy Spirit in your giving rather than receiving pressure from man — and don’t mock what you don’t understand.

I’m waiting for LeClaire to explain what John Oliver doesn’t understand. Did he lie about his correspondence with Robert Tilton? Were the clips of those preachers taken out of context?

She never tells us.

Maybe she was too busy regrowing someone’s limb to write that paragraph.

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