A Portrait of Jesus Greets Students at This Kansas Middle School August 20, 2015

A Portrait of Jesus Greets Students at This Kansas Middle School

How the hell did a giant painting of Jesus end up in a public middle school?

That’s what the Freedom From Religion Foundation is asking Chanute Public Schools (Kansas) Superintendent Richard Proffitt:

“The Supreme Court has stressed the importance of protecting public school students from these types of messages,” said Seidel in a letter to Superintendent Richard Proffitt. “It is illegal for Royster Middle School or any other Chanute public school to post religious images in its hallways, or anywhere else that appears to be school-sponsored. If this picture of Jesus is displayed, as we are told, the District must remove it at once.”

You may recall a similar painting hanging up at Jackson Middle School in Ohio a couple of years ago. It was later moved to a local high school… which was also not okay.

Eventually, it was taken down, but not before the District owed the FFRF and ACLU of Ohio $95,000 in legal fees.

I have no clue why this Kansas school district wants to go down the same path. But it’s Kansas. So that probably explains it.

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