Scott Lively, Inspiration for Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” Bill, Talks About How He’s Been Persecuted August 19, 2015

Scott Lively, Inspiration for Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” Bill, Talks About How He’s Been Persecuted

Scott Lively was one of the inspirations, if you will, for Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill which criminalized homosexuality with the death penalty (in some cases). Lively later said the death penalty went too far. But this is still the same guy who once wrote in his book The Pink Swastika that gay people were the “inventors of Nazism.” (You can see more of his awful statements here.) You may also remember him from one of the first-ever segments on Last Week Tonight.

Last night, Lively spoke in Bensenville, Illinois (not far from Chicago) alongside fellow anti-gay bigot Peter LaBarbera.

The topic? Gay people. Of course it’s gay people. It’s the only thing they ever think about. Just know that Lively spent the first few minutes of the discussion talking about how persecuted he is:

(from L to R) Scott Lively, Pastor John Kirkwood, and Peter LaBarbera

… I am Enemy #1, global Enemy #1, of the Human Rights Campaign, and I consider it a great honor, because that means I am standing for the truth of God against the principalities of powers in this world. And there’s really no better place to be as a Christian. In the world, there’s a lot better places to be than being persecuted. But when you are being persecuted for the cause of Christ, there’s no better place that you can be if you’re a believer

Right. I’m sure life is hard for bigots who get called out on their bigotry. It’s gotta be rough spreading misinformation about LGBT people to the point where they fear for their lives.

Lively sounds like someone who punched out an innocent victim and then wants sympathy for how much his fist hurts.

Maybe all of you should grab a tissue to wipe away all the tears you’re going to shed watching this video.

Lively later spoke about how the world changed for the worse following the Supreme Court’s Obergefell ruling legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide, because Christianity is somehow being criminalized. (Even though many Christians support marriage equality. But I guess they’re not True Christians™.) They also whined about the size of the “homosexual lobby.” I’d bet you, though, that if they had to choose between having the money and power of the Christian Right or gay rights groups, they’d take the Christian Right every single time. It’s so much bigger than the opposition.

Incidentally, Lively is currently being sued for “crimes against humanity” by an LGBT advocacy group called “Sexual Minorities Uganda” (SMUG).

If any other moments in the video stand out to you, please leave the timestamp/summary in the comments.

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