Pastor Creflo Dollar: If You Don’t See Why I Need a $65 Million Plane, You Just Don’t Get the Bible August 19, 2015

Pastor Creflo Dollar: If You Don’t See Why I Need a $65 Million Plane, You Just Don’t Get the Bible

On Sunday, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver delivered a blistering takedown of televangelists who make tons of money on the backs of their gullible followers. One of the pastors highlighted in the piece was Creflo Dollar who, earlier this year, asked for a $65 million handout so he could buy a plane. (For Jesus.)

While none of the televangelists, as far as I know, have responded directly to the segment, it’s somewhat amusing that Dollar referenced the plane on Sunday morning (before Last Week Tonight aired).

He explained to his congregation that anyone who questions his desire just doesn’t understand the Bible:

See, don’t get upset when the world says stuff and talk about stuff, and all that. They’re just looking through the wrong lens. They don’t understand.

“What does a preacher need with an airplane?” They don’t know! They’ll never know because they’re not looking through the Word. They will never know! They’ll never, never, never know.

That still doesn’t answer the question of why Dollar needs a private airplane…

His argument boils down to nothing more than “Gimme money because the Bible!”

What’s depressing is how that argument is somehow convincing to so many people.

To quote one commenter at Raw Story:

It says right in the bible,

It is easier for a rich man to get into heaven,
If they have a $65,000,000 Gulfstream G650.

For, lo, the old airplane was found wanting,
Certain luxurious amenities, like a 50″ plasma.

— Book of Graft, 2:24-28

I’m sold.

(via Raw Story)

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