Film Based on Carl Sagan’s Life Gets Green Light from Hollywood August 19, 2015

Film Based on Carl Sagan’s Life Gets Green Light from Hollywood

Carl Sagan‘s life will the subject of a forthcoming film, according to The Tracking Board (and confirmed by Variety).

Warner Bros. will bankroll the as-yet-untitled film with Sagan’s widow Ann Druyan serving as a producer. (That’s the same team that brought you Contact, based off of Sagan’s popular book.)

The Sagan biopic has an impressive team of producers behind it, starting with [Courtenay] Valenti, who was involved with this summer’s endlessly kinetic Mad Max: Fury Road. [Lynda] Obst, meanwhile, helped lead Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar to galactic-sized numbers at the box office last year. Perhaps the most important element, however, is Druyan, whose involvement is bound to give the film the credibility it needs to stand up to the scrutiny of skeptical Sagan loyalists.

With an all-star (ha!) team like that, let’s hope the movie won’t be a bust. Also makes you wonder what conflicts they’ll flesh out in the film — only personal ones? Scientific battles?

And how do we lobby to get Neil deGrasse Tyson to play the part of Sagan?

Just because.

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