Once Again, a Naked Devil Statue Appears in Vancouver August 16, 2015

Once Again, a Naked Devil Statue Appears in Vancouver

Nearly a year ago, a mysterious naked (and apparently very happy to see you) statue of Satan appeared atop a pedestal in Vancouver.

It was later removed by city officials.

This week, a pregnant naked female devil appeared in the same city:

On Thursday, the statue was found on top of Gene Cafe at the Main and Kingsway intersection. This devil — naked once again — appeared to be female with one hand in the air and the other to its pregnant belly.

However, this pregnant devil lady no longer reigns over Mount Pleasant. The City was, as usual, quick to bring it down and had it removed Thursday night.

I don’t know who’s responsible for this, or why they have an annual interest in naked devils, or how they situated these statues with no one noticing, but it’s totally worth it for the three seconds of amusement, isn’t it?

(via Sean McGuire. Top image via GlobalNews.ca)

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