Following Deaths of Bangladeshi Atheist Bloggers, Silence is Not an Option August 15, 2015

Following Deaths of Bangladeshi Atheist Bloggers, Silence is Not an Option

Faraz Talat, writing for the Express Tribune in Pakistan, has a message in support of the Bangladeshi atheists whose lives are in danger — and really goes after liberals who refuse to condemn or speak out against the murders:

Niloy Neel, the fourth Bangladeshi atheist blogger to be killed this year

Atheists blend well in the general secular environment of a country. They are not identifiable through special headgear, unique styles of clothing or facial hair, anatomical features, places of worship, or rituals. Their distinguishability is a cherished trait, given a history marked by inquisitorial raids, and wide scale lynching or banishing of heretics in nearly all cultures.

However, do not mistake the public’s lack of opportunity to exhibit bigotry, as the absence of bigotry itself. When atheists do voluntarily come out and publicly profess their lack of belief, as the Bangladeshi bloggers did, what happens to them is not encouraging.

Mainstream activists are often reluctant to stand up for atheists for the fear of being labelled ‘one of them’, which limns the intensity of prejudice out there. God knows, we wouldn’t want our name on a ‘list’ among those 84, now 80, death-marked heathens.

Whatever the cause, fellow liberals, your silence on this matter has been duly noted.

Read the full piece here.

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