Two Men Arrested in Connection with Bangladeshi Atheist Blogger’s Murder August 14, 2015

Two Men Arrested in Connection with Bangladeshi Atheist Blogger’s Murder

Last week, 40-year-old Niloy Neel (below), an organizer of Science and Rationalists’ Association of India, was brutally murdered by assailants in Bangladesh — they decapitated him in his home and cut his hands off. He’s the fourth atheist blogger to be killed in the country this year.

Late last night, Bangladeshi police arrested two men in connection with the crime:

The two men were suspected members of Ansarullah Bangla Team, a militant group accused of links to previous attacks on bloggers, police said.

Police say the two men being held are key suspects in Mr Neel’s murder.

No names have been released. When Neel was killed, reports said that between four and six people were involved in the attack. So even if police nabbed two people involved, it’s not everybody.

At least it’s real action, though. A few days ago, the Inspector General of Police told atheist bloggers that, if they wanted to avoid being killed, they should just stop criticizing religion.

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