Donald Trump: “Nothing Beats the Bible” August 13, 2015

Donald Trump: “Nothing Beats the Bible”

Last month, in an attempt to curry favor with the GOP’s Christian base, Donald Trump pandered to an Iowa crowd by talking about how he attends church. It didn’t help that he also told them he doesn’t seek forgiveness from God… and threw in a few curse words for good measure.

It was a disaster. (Or, as Trump would call it, an unequivocal success.)


It looks like he’s learning, though. Speaking at an event in Michigan a couple of days ago, Trump pointed out that someone in the crowd had his book Trump: The Art of the Deal. But instead of taking the bait and saying it was the best book ever, he conceded that it only the second best book ever. Because Bible:

I love his reaction immediately after he says that. He gives the crowd a thumbs up and an awkward look that screams, Yes! I finally said the right thing! Those buzzword lessons finally paid off! The Fox News crowd will surely love me again!

Then, just to make it sink in, he repeated the phrase “Nothing beats the Bible.”

I would love for a reporter to ask him what his favorite verses are.

Let’s see him stumble his way through that answer. Or maybe he’ll just give a Sarah Palin-esque answer and say “All of them.”

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