Church Kicks Out 92-Year-Old Woman for Not Tithing August 12, 2015

Church Kicks Out 92-Year-Old Woman for Not Tithing

What do you do with a church member who’s been part of your congregation for more than 50 years if she hasn’t tithed lately? Simple. You kick her out. Loyalty be damned!

At least that’s the philosophy at the First African Baptist Church in Bainbridge, Georgia, where leaders just sent a pink slip to 92-year-old Josephine King (below):

“Josephine King is no longer considered a member of the First African Baptist Church of Bainbridge, Georgia,” read Gerald Simmons, as he skimmed over the letter addressed to his aunt.

The letter, signed by Senior Pastor Derrick Mike, stated that Ms. King “has shown non-support” towards the church in the areas of “constant and consistent financial and physical participation.”

“She was stunned. She was disappointed. She was shocked,” said Simmons.

Not that it matters to the church, but the 92-year-old couldn’t support the church in any physical or financial way because she was sick and not able to attend services in person.

It reminds me of that Bible passage where Jesus sees the money changers at the Temple and gives them all high fives. (I assume that’s how the story goes, right?)

(Image via KFVS. Thanks to Paul for the link)

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