Michele Bachmann Contemplates the Privilege of Seeing End Times Unfold August 11, 2015

Michele Bachmann Contemplates the Privilege of Seeing End Times Unfold

Former congresswoman and one time presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann (remember her?) joined conservative talk show host Jan Markell to discuss, among other things, how bombing Iran would be “one of the greatest acts of peace,” if not for how President Obama‘s attempts at diplomacy are instead ushering in a nuclear apocalypse and end times. Oh, and we should all be celebrating that fact.

Right Wing Watch has selected several clips from this illuminating conversation, and they’re something else (if your mind is up for an extended trip down the rabbit hole, the full conversation can be found here).

Bachmann’s political analysis of the President’s actions are, believe it or not, hyperbolic and just factually inaccurate. For instance, she alleges that

he’s doing everything in his power to put weapons of mass destruction — the most lethal weapons known to man — in the hands of Israel’s greatest enemy, Iran.

Unfortunately, that’s one of the least terrifying things the two shared with listeners. (And I’m not even talking about Bachmann’s boast that she personally encouraged President Obama to bomb Iran, or her lengthy explanation about why we should be bombing for peace.) Compare that to the conviction with which they see Biblical prophecy, as they interpret it, as informing current political happenings and the certainty that dropping bombs is exactly what we should be doing. Because God.

Bachmann: All the nations of the world signed an agreement that slams the door against Israel, and opened it up to enriching and empowering the leading state sponsor of terror in the world whose ultimate goal is the annihilation of the Jewish state.

Markell: It is Zechariah 12:3 [all nations gathering against Israel] folks, that has been predicted for lots and lots of years.

Bachmann: And it happened July 20th, 2015!

Markell: That’s exactly right, it happened July 20th.

Bachmann: With the United States leading that charge.

Markell: And again, I said it earlier, there are consequences to doing things like this against God’s covenant land, horrible consequences. Then you throw in some other things such as (we’re not going there today) the Supreme Court decision back in late June and a lot of other things and — judgment isn’t just coming, judgment is already here.

The SCOTUS ruling just being the gay icing on the nuclear holocaust cake, I understand why she didn’t want to linger. But it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Markell reminded listeners that the deal wasn’t set in stone yet. Bachmann enthusiastically agreed.

I am really actually extremely excited because I think that we are about to see if we believers act in concert I believe that we could see the strong right arm of a holy God show to the world and prove to the world his power and his strength. He is the lord of heaven’s armies. That is his name. And what we have now, the largest pro-Israel group in the United States called AIPAC, has made this their number one effort. They have never gone all out like they are now in defeating this Iran agreement.

It’s kind of funny how the strong right arm of a holy God, the leader of heaven’s armies, needs Christians and AIPAC to work in concert on this. If the goal is to “prove to the world his power and his strength,” relying on human political activists (you know, the people who generally tend to effect political change) seems to defeat the purpose.

At any rate, if, for some reason, God’s mighty heavenly armies are unable to convince Obama to bomb Iran… Bachmann and Markell have great news. Okay, so it involves a nuclear holocaust, but, really, it’s great news. Because — you guessed it — God!

… He will be the one to rescue the remnant. It is foretold. It is promised. And that is where we want to be, to be in the shadow and in the light stream of the lord of heaven’s armies, blessed be his name.

Short of a miracle (and we are talking about God, so okay, maybe), the shadow/light stream placement might be difficult. But Markell reminds listeners that we are “privileged” to live as Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled. The headlines may be dark, but the “Bible is coming true.”

Bachmann opines,

Dark by standards of the natural. No one wants to — we live in the natural. We live in this world. But you’re exactly right. We are so encouraged, because God has given us his word. He has given us his assurance. We know how this is going to turn out. And as the prophets foretold — the prophets longed to live in this day that you and I are privileged to live in.

President Obama’s policy “to the natural mind is insanity, it truly is,” Markell agrees. (Unlike this conversation, which is the stuff of pure rationality). But that doesn’t take into account the Biblical perspective, as Bachmann points out.

But from a Biblical perspective the Lord has allowed us to see how he is using politics, he’s using leaders, he’s using politicians, he’s using foreign policy in that to bring about where we are today. Not that it’s God’s choice, evil. Not that it is his choice. But he has given us revelation. He has given us revelation through his word, to be comforted, to look up and also to take our lives before him and to do what Hezekiah did, to bow before him, confess our sins, cry out to the God of the universe, the lord of heaven’s armies. And just like Sennacherib was defeated, ultimately our god will rescue the remnant in the way that only he can, and he will have his way.

And if these ramblings demonstrate absolutely nothing else, I guess they make clear just what sort of mess the Abrahamic God has left anyone hoping for peace. Because when he’s not promising pieces of land to one group while telling the other to take it from the first, he’s apparently convincing American Christians to drop bombs in the name of peace and look forward to a nuclear holocaust.

Thanks a lot, bub.

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