Australian Group’s Billboard Campaign Pushes Back Against Christian Theology Taught in Public Schools August 10, 2015

Australian Group’s Billboard Campaign Pushes Back Against Christian Theology Taught in Public Schools

The whole idea of “special religious instruction” in public schools is a joke. In theory, it’d be great because kids could learn about the beliefs of all different faiths, but in practice, it’s just a way to push Christianity into the classroom.

That’s the case in Victoria, Australia, where story after story suggests that volunteer groups — and they’re always Christian volunteers — are using the time with students to seek converts instead of merely educating them about what they believe.

There’s a fantastic group called Fairness In Religions In School (FIRIS) trying to raise awareness of the abuses. To that end, they’re launching a billboard campaign today to let parents know what their kids are being taught in schools:

The billboard quotes from an Anglican SRE text stating: “God says you are stuck in your sin and need to be rescued from his judgment.”

They already have support from at least one prominent religious leader:

Anglican Archdeacon of the Central Coast, Rod Bower, well known for his signboards outside his Gosford church, said SRE classes should be replaced by a “a quality general religious education program” in public schools to reflect “this multicultural, multi-faith society.”

“If parents want their children formed in a particular tradition they should take them to a place of worship,” he said.

Damn right. There’s just no reason for public schools to push religious beliefs on kids.

This isn’t FIRIS’ first such campaign. Last year, they put up a billboard of Jesus alongside a dinosaur and got some great media attention for it.

If nothing else, it would be great for parents to realize the nonsense being taught to their children and remove them from SRE classes.

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