If They Can’t Give a Secular Invocation, They’re Going to Do Something Awesome Instead August 9, 2015

If They Can’t Give a Secular Invocation, They’re Going to Do Something Awesome Instead

Last week, in North Carolina, the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners decided to change their invocation policy. Prayers were gone. Moments of silence were in. It happened in large part because a Muslim delivered the opening prayer and the Commissioners couldn’t deal with it.

It was the right move to eliminate the invocations (despite the shitty reason), but the one downside was that a representative from the Hickory Humanist Alliance was scheduled to deliver the prayer at an upcoming meeting. That obviously won’t be happening anymore.

But instead of just sulking about what could have been, the group is trying to make the most of the cancellation.

In honor of not delivering our invocation on August 17… we encourage everyone to use the meeting time to do some good for someone other than yourself or your clan.

They’re not kidding. They’ve set up a Facebook event page and everything, urging people to pledge to do something amazing during the hour when the meeting is taking place.

There’s no reason you have to live in the area to participate. So join the event and let them know what you plan to do. Anything you say will be more effective than the prayers the Commissioners wanted to hear.

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