Bryan Fischer: Attending a Gay Wedding is Like Going to the Opening of a Crack House August 8, 2015

Bryan Fischer: Attending a Gay Wedding is Like Going to the Opening of a Crack House

One of the bright spots during the Republican Primary Debacle Debate was when Gov. John Kasich spoke about how he would love his daughter all the same if she came out as a lesbian, adding that he recently attended a friend’s gay wedding despite his personal beliefs about marriage.

It wasn’t exactly accepting of marriage equality, but it stood out in that GOP field.

Bryan Fischer wasn’t having any of it, though. On his radio show yesterday, he trashed Kasich for not treating his gay friend like some sort of cancer:

Really, the issue comes down to: What do you think of this kind of behavior? Is this good behavior? Is this healthy behavior? Is this moral behavior? Is this the kind of behavior that we ought to celebrate, that we ought to promote?

If you have somebody you love and they were dealing crack, and they were opening up a new crack house, and they were having a grand opening celebration, and they invited you to come and be a part of the grand opening celebration of this crack house, would you go? Of course not!

Fischer immediately backtracked, saying he wasn’t comparing homosexuality to a crack house… but then compared the two once more.

He can complain about how Kasich dared to have a heart, but frontrunner Donald Trump, with three marriages to his resume, isn’t exactly a bastion of tradition, either. The sort of candidate conservatives like Fischer want to support — Mike Huckabee, for example — has no chance of winning over people beyond the Christian base. So they’re just screwed no matter what.

There was a time not long ago when conservatives wanted gay marriage on the ballot because they knew it would bring out anti-gay voters who would give them an edge in other races.

While that issue won’t be voted on in 2016, there’s no way Republicans want the election to revolve around social issues. The more the candidates talk about marriage equality and abortion rights, the more GOP strategists squirm.

What I’m saying is we should all send a thank-you note to Fischer for complaining about one of the only decent answers offered in that debate. He’s making the Democrats’ route to the White House that much easier.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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