Ignorant Christian Pastor Blames “Evolution” and Secularism for Murder of “55 Million Children” August 7, 2015

Ignorant Christian Pastor Blames “Evolution” and Secularism for Murder of “55 Million Children”

Over the weekend, Pastor Matthew Hagee spoke to his father’s Cornerstone Church congregation about the Planned Parenthood videos, Cecil the Lion, and evolution.

You won’t be surprised to learn there was a lot of bullshit involved.

God help a country that is more concerned about a lion in Zimbabwe than we are 55 million children that we’ve murdered in a senseless, senseless fashion.

They aren’t children. The vast majority aren’t even viable. There’s no meaningful comparison here. Those are powerful words backed up by no substance.

And I guarantee you if Hagee rid his church of anyone who has had an abortion (or was party to one), a giant swath of that crowd would be gone.

How did we do it? I’ll tell you how. We taught ourselves to do this. We went to classrooms where they didn’t tell us that we were made by God our Creator.

You mean public school teachers focused on following the law and teaching us things that were objectively true? Excellent. Hagee makes it sound like separation of church and state leads to a complete lack of empathy for any other creature — and maybe he believes that — but there are too many non-religious people with hearts of gold for Hagee to get away with that lie.

Plus, you would think the fact that so many people are shedding tears over a lion they never knew before last week is evidence of compassion, not something to be ashamed about.

If he’s referring to abortions, though, plenty of religious people support the right to choose. Forced Christianity in the schools wouldn’t alter their views.

They told us that we were the highest form of a scientific process called evolution.

Humans are not the “highest form” of evolution. There is no “highest form.” We’re just the end of one branch of a very large tree. We have a few things going for us, absolutely, but Hagee has no clue what he’s talking about. Maybe that’s because he never learned the science he’s so keen to discard. He’d be better off swapping out sermon writing for reading a good science textbook.

There’s just one little chromosome between us and Cecil the lion. Thank God for that chromosome, because it gave me a finger and I can use it to pull the trigger!

There isn’t just a one-chromosome difference between us and Cecil. That’s not how chromosomes work. Seriously, Matt, go take a science class.

He might be too busy, though, playing around with that shooting finger that was created by that Magical Finger Chromosome.

We didn’t teach people that you were a human being fearfully and wonderfully made as the handiwork of God Almighty. We just said that you were a bunch of cells that got mashed together and you’re here by accident. Evolution is a lie from the pit of Hell itself, and it has cost us 55 million Americans.

Evolution doesn’t say we’re here by accident — the mechanism of natural selection is quite the opposite, actually — and we’re not just cells that were thrown together to form a body. Again, this is the sort of nonsense that idiots say to sound smart when they can’t be bothered to do any actual research.

Evolution also doesn’t lead to murder. Anyone who thinks abortion is responsible for more damage than 9/11 and the Holocaust combined has a completely warped perspective on the world and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

But I’ll give him this: educating people about science helped women obtain more control over their own bodies. We should all be grateful for that. Including, I would think, women at his church.

Don’t expect any of them to admit that, though. They’re too busy applauding a pastor because he sounds confident to understand all the ways they’re being lied to.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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