A Film About Uncovering the Catholic Church Pedophilia Scandal August 6, 2015

A Film About Uncovering the Catholic Church Pedophilia Scandal

More than a decade ago, the Boston Globe published an exposé involving a pedophile priest and the Catholic Church officials who moved him from parish to parish.

That story — or at least what was going on behind-the-scenes to break that story — forms the basis for the upcoming film Spotlight, which stars Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, and Rachel McAdams. The trailer for the film is now online:

The movie is bound to be controversial. I mean, The Hulk and Batman in the same film? Blasphemy.

If anything, maybe it’ll get the attention of some Catholics who continue supporting the Church even though officials who knew a lot but did very little to stop the criminals in their midst.

The film comes out this November.

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