Help Support New Kenyan Humanist Group so No One Else is Kicked Out of School for “Devil Worship” August 1, 2015

Help Support New Kenyan Humanist Group so No One Else is Kicked Out of School for “Devil Worship”

Innocent Odeny is the President of the first-of-its-kind Humanist Society of Kenya and he’s trying to raise awareness of skepticism in a place where bullshit runs rampant.

In fact, one of his friends received this letter from the private school he attended, kicking him out for the crime of “devil worship”:

The above mentioned student has been accused of involving himself with devil worship. Since this is not accepted in the school he/she has been given to the parent to look for rehabilitation and spiritual counseling until he/she reforms. The parent is free to keep on updating the school on the progress of the child to the school chaplain and counseling teacher.

Certificate of a pastor who has counseled him/her or the rehabilitation centre will be required for further deliberations. Faking repentence will be blamed on the pastor responsible or the rehabilitation center.

Crazy stuff. I mean, it’s a religious school, but still… That’s the sort of thing Odeny wants to prevent.

He just created an Indiegogo campaign with the help of Anthony Magnabosco (whose videos I’ve posted on this site many times) to raise funds so that the Humanist Society of Kenya can obtain legal representation to formally register their organization with the Government — they were denied for having the word “Humanist” in their name — and to help fight against public schools that teach religion as fact.

They also want to build a physical center and help spread Humanism as much as they can.

It’s a tough goal, but it’s entirely within reason.

And just to ease your concerns…

We understand that sending money off to some group in Kenya may seem a bit suspicious. But you have our word that we strive for transparency, and will provide a detailed list of all the items purchased in the description field of our promotional video so you can see exactly where the funds are going.

If you’d like to help them achieve their goals, all the details are right here. Please chip in if you can.

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