God Made an Appearance on the Wall of a Toilet in Mali August 1, 2015

God Made an Appearance on the Wall of a Toilet in Mali

Quick: What’s this?

If you said it’s a man praying on the surface of the wall of a toilet in Bamako, Mali… then you must be one of the thousands of people flocking to the site. (Also: You should get some help.)

Thousands of people in Mali’s capital, Bamako, are flocking to see what it believed to a religious sign on a wall that suddenly appeared last weekend.

Many believe the white image on the outside wall of a toilet shows a man praying, interpreting it as a message from God.

Riot police have been deployed to keep an eye on the crowd as people queue day and night to see the mark.

Most southern Malians are Tijani Muslims, a moderate sect of Sufi Islam.

“It’s a miracle, I’ve seen it,” schoolteacher Aboubakar Diarra said after looking at the wall.

“It’s obviously true. It’s a sign from God to Mali that our nation is great.”

New rule: If you think God listens to your prayers, you’re not allowed to laugh at things like this.

(Thanks to Genevieve for the link)

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