Even More Disturbing Revelations Emerge from the Jehovah’s Witnesses Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry July 30, 2015

Even More Disturbing Revelations Emerge from the Jehovah’s Witnesses Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry

Right now, in Australia, there are public hearings taking place regarding allegations of Jehovah’s Witness leaders sexually abusing children. I posted about this earlier, but there are even more disturbing allegations coming out.

A teenage girl prayed to Jehovah to put angels around her bed and stop her father from sexually assaulting her but no-one listened, she told the sex abuse royal commission yesterday.

While the rest of the Jehovah’s Witness branch held her father in high regard as a “ministerial servant”, he was flogging her at home until she bled and had sex with her and three of her sisters, the commission was told.

His second eldest daughter, now aged 47, said that when she tried to kill herself over the abuse, she was chastised by the church because it was seen as being a sin against Jehovah — while her father was stood down for some time but then accepted back with open arms by the congregation.

That unnamed woman eventually reported her father to the police, and he was locked away for a few years, but the Church knew about this abuse for a long time and did nothing substantial to put a stop to it:

When she finally reported her father’s abuse to church elders, she had to be interviewed by three elders and have her father in the room.

All three elders were friend’s of her fathers, and surprise, surprise, they didn’t take any action.

Even more disgusting:

“At times it felt as though they were getting off on what I was telling them.”

Remember: These are not isolated incidents. This is how the Church has handled abuse for a long time (and continues to handle it today). They want to take care of criminal abuse internally, but they’ve done such a shitty job of it that the problems have only gotten worse. It’s about time the world learns about the corruption and abdication of responsibility by Church elders.

Every Jehovah’s Witness needs to explain why they remain in a Church that condones these actions and allows them to continue by way the idiotic Two Witness rule.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Anthony for the link)

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