Boston Seafood Restaurant Promotes “Pescatarianism” by Riffing on the Bible July 30, 2015

Boston Seafood Restaurant Promotes “Pescatarianism” by Riffing on the Bible

In a series of television and print ads for the Legal Sea Foods restaurant chain in Boston, the owners promote the religion of Pescatarianism with some biblical references:

In one TV commercial, the voiceover delivers the message: “Moses split the Red Sea. We split lobster tails and drizzle melted butter on them.” Another spot points out that “In our book, gluttony isn’t a sin, it’s a commandment,” while a third makes an appeal to Presbyterians: “Presbyterians will give you a sermon. Pescatarians will give you a salmon.”

So far, no religious leaders are calling it blasphemous… which makes it a bit of a dud as an advertising campaign. But I haven’t heard from Bill Donohue in a while and he’s about due for his monthly freakout.

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