At Priest’s Suggestion, Nepalese Men Slaughter 10-Year-Old Boy in Human Sacrifice July 28, 2015

At Priest’s Suggestion, Nepalese Men Slaughter 10-Year-Old Boy in Human Sacrifice

In a case of superstition turning deadly in Nepal, Kodai Harijan admitted to killing 10-year-old Jivan Kohar because a holy man told him it was the only way to cure his son:

According to testimony given to police, Harijan and his relatives found the child playing with friends in the village and lured him away by giving him a pack of biscuits and promising him 50 rupees (49 cents).

The boy was taken to a temple on the outskirts of the village, where they performed a religious ritual. He was then taken to a field nearby, where three people held him down as another slit his throat. When police found him, the boy’s head was almost severed from his body.


While police are rightfully going after Harijan and his accomplices, what I’m not seeing is any mention of a punishment for the holy man who gave them this idea in the first place. If that guy is spared, it won’t be long until someone else falls for his suggestion that human sacrifice benefits the health of strangers.

You want to know why atheists are passionate about science and critical thinking? Because asking for evidence and demanding proof prevents people from believing something just because an authority figure says so. In this case, accepting the “wisdom” of a holy figure lead to the brutal murder of an innocent child.

Most religions never take things that far, but the mindset is the same. If a pastor says it, you don’t question it. It’s an awful ideology that needs to stop.

(Thanks to Lucious for the link)

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