Over the Weekend, Nearly 100 Mormons Submitted Their Resignation Letters to the LDS Church July 27, 2015

Over the Weekend, Nearly 100 Mormons Submitted Their Resignation Letters to the LDS Church

In April of 2014, atheists organized a mass resignation from the Mormon Church for any members who wanted to participate.

Over the weekend, nearly 100 Mormons did it on their own:

Participants in the mass-resignation event said women’s inequality and LGBT discrimination were just a few of the reasons behind why they officially resigned from the church.

“I’m very nervous, but I`m also happy just to begin that next phase of my life,” said Brendon Carpenter, who was one of about 90 to resign. “As I have been studying the Book of Mormon and the bible while on my mission I discovered for myself that I didn`t trust the leadership anymore.”

Kate Kelly, who was excommunicated from the LDS Church last year in large part because of her push for the Church to ordain women, attended the rally and explained why resignation letters have a greater impact than simply walking away silently:

She said it’s important to formally submit a letter of resignation, that way church leaders know exactly how many people are leaving and their reasons for leaving.

After gathering at a rally in nearby City Creek Park, participants walked over to the LDS Church Office Building and turned in their letters, taking the first official step in a long process.

If you’re a Mormon and you’d like to take formal steps to leave the Church, MormonResignation.com and Reddit Ex-Mormon have all the information you need.

There’s no reason an exodus like this can’t happen on a more regular basis.

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