Vicar on the Run After Stealing More Than £24,000 from Church July 26, 2015

Vicar on the Run After Stealing More Than £24,000 from Church

If any of you have seen Simon Reynolds (below), please let the police know.

The Church of England vicar who conducted several weddings and funerals, made a lot of money in the process, and pocketed the cash instead of handing it over to the Church is now on the run:

Simon Reynolds went on-the-run during the lunch break at his trial at Sheffield Crown Court on Thursday.

He had just been found guilty of four counts of theft netting more than £24,000.

Police have alerted Interpol as it is believed the 50-year-old may have fled to mainland Europe.

I know the economy is rough for some people, and most church officials don’t make a lot of money… but £24,000 ($37,200) doesn’t seem like enough money to warrant a worldwide police chase and the consequences of getting caught.

(Image via YouTube. Thanks to Martin for the link)

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